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Information about our school

Our school is a religious Lutheran school. According the Hungarian education system we are a primary school in name but we have students from the age 6 to 15.




Our students have different denominations: Lutheran, Calvinist, Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostalist. Our institution is the only school in the town, we have 538 students and 60 teachers.

In the first four years our students learn to write, read, count.

Core subjects:       Hungarian


Foundation subjects:        Science



                                         Physical Education

From the age of 6 they can learn German language or from the age of 7 they can start learning English.

In class 5 to 8 the students get introduction to more specific subjects.

Core subjects:       Hungarian



                             Foreign Language

Foundation subjects:        Geography     







                                         Physical Education


Other elements of the curriculum:

Religious Education

Personal, Social, Health Education

In these years they have opportunities to have extra English or German lessons if they are more able students. At the same time other students get more practice in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.

We believe that all children have a right to equality of opportunity in education, and it is our aim that each child achieves his or her very best. We recognize that some children may have some specific disability or learning difficulty. Our specially trained teachers identify these children as early as possible, determine the nature of their need, and provide the most appropriate ways to meet these needs.

There are a number of extra-curricular activities for the students: choir, media club, school radio club, science club. We started our Lego  Education WeDo robotics workshop 3 years ago, from the age of 9 we teach programming in a playful way for the students who are interested.

Our school is an ECO-School and an Excellent Talent Support Point. Connected to these we have a Science talent support group.

The school is an innovative institution, we have a number of good practices for educational improvement. In Hungary we were the first school which had two SAMSUNG SMART ROOMS with tablets and we updated our system with laptops last year.

We are one of the first pilot schools which have implemented chess programme called CHESS PALACE in our curriculum. The programme was developed by Judit Polgár, the Hungarian female chess grandmaster. Some of our teachers train other educators to join this programme.

The school’s Student Authority was established in 1990; it can express the children’s opinion and make proposals about issues of the school and the students’ life. The representatives of each class meet bimonthly, discuss the emerging problems and transmit requests of classes. Its extended forum, the school congress is in session once a year.

The Basic Art School has four faculties: Music, Art, Dance and Drama.

·         Music Faculty gives instrumental music training for children aged 4 to 18. The Orff Percussion Instrument Group of the faculty is well known throughout Hungary.

 ·         Art Faculty students do ceramics, pottery and graphics, obtain an insight into other creative techniques. They have plenty of prize winning works in national and international competitions every year.

 ·         Dance Faculty has folk dance and modern dance classes as well.

 ·         The Drama Faculty has annual performances.


Our students do a number of sports; they take part in national championships in handball, football, swimming, chess, table-tennis, wrestling and cross country running.





·We highly attach importance to keep in close touch with Hungarians living abroad. We have a partnership with Bethlen Gábor College from Nagyenyed, and Sarmaság, Romania. We often visit each other’s school and in the future we plan projects together. We have had partnership with Bodelshausen, Germany for 20 years.

One of our primary aims is to create a pleasant, healthy environment for and with our students. Children learn to appreciate nature and the importance of recycling.

We organize a number of exciting events for children: sport races, summer water camp, “Transport and Traffic Day”, “Birds’ and Trees’ Day”.

Our town has a German speaking minority group so our curriculum includes German nationality language and literature for those students who wish to learn the language from the first class. We integrate a number of Gypsy students. Our school has very successful cooperation with the Gypsy Minority Self-Government.

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